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  • Sri Adusumilli Venkataratnam Chairman of Sarojini Institute of Technology Donated Rs.1,00,000 to Chief Minister Sri.Nara Chandrababu Naidu for Capital of Andhra Pradesh | B-Category admissions 2015-16 are opened

Secretary Message

secretaryimgThe technical world for technocrats to excel in their career. The right mentor for success with good communication skills, digital library and academic excellence with good results along with the placements into Mnc’s.It also had a well transport facility. The institution maintains excellent professors who concentrate on each student .The faculty is the backbone to the institution who motivates and guides the students towards right path in this competitive world.


S- Success
A- Attitude
R- Realiable
O- Optimistic
J- Jazz-up
I- Innovative
N- Nifty
I- Inspiration

SIT makes a Successful student as a Innovative Technocrate.

Sarojini Institute of Technology is providing the best of opportunities to students for sharpening of their skills and widening of their knowledge by arranging expert lectures, seminars and symposiums on the forum Students’ Professional Societies. Simultaneously, students of all classes are made to deliver seminars in the class rooms and speak among themselves in the college only in English to improve upon their communication skills. Sports and other extracurricular activities are also being taken up on large scale. All my students must remember the great quotation of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru which reads “AIMING/DREAMING AT SOMETHING BIG MAKES YOU BIG”. So, Aim Big; Dream High and Direct all your Actions so as to translate your Aims/Dreams into Reality. With small determination and little effort, complete success is within reach of every individual. So, nothing less than 100% – either in attendance or results – must be the motto of each SIT ian. Remember my dear students! 100% attendance and 1 hr preparation every day will get a First class, 100% attendance plus 2 hrs preparations a day will fetch Distinction and 3 hrs preparations in addition to 100% attendance will make you the University Topper. When becoming the Topper of the University is such a simple job, why and what for you are waiting? Resolve yourself now that you must be the University Topper. Attend each and every class and make it a reality